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Meet Brittany!

I am so excited to be representing Ava Rae Boutique! I have a love of clothing and accessories, and find that fashion can really be the best way to express myself! When I feel cute and comfortable in an outfit-- I can do anything!
I am a senior at Boise State University studying communication, with a minor in leadership studies management, and a public relations certification. I am also, the Director of Communication for the Public Relations Student Society of America at Boise State University.I discovered Ava Rae as I was walking to class in downtown BODO, and I had no idea that I would one day be the face of their brand!

Growing up in Boise, I have been able to recognize the lack of affordable clothing stores that are up to date with the trends.Thankfully, that is no longer a problem! I love Ava Rae for the beautiful pieces, but I also love what the store represents.The owner, Marissa is so down to earth and extremely personable. She is a mother, an entrepreneur, as well as a fashion- guru! This store is for the busy,everyday woman, who will always feel confident in this amazing apparel. 

xoxo, Brittany

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